Top 10 Social Media Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2018 – Know your Marketing Gurus

Cyberspace is a gigantic bubble that expands momentarily in order to accommodate the zooming trends of social media. Social media has redefined entrepreneurship and digital marketing, and therefore, birthed some of the top marketing gurus we have seen over the past few years. Paired with immense ingenuity and credibility, these marketing gurus have inhabited the … Continue reading “Top 10 Social Media Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2018 – Know your Marketing Gurus”

Book Review: The Will of Heroes

Don’t let the title fool you, this is no self-help manual. The result of a 5-year research by Colin Robertson delves into the practices and skills that accumulated into success for leading figures in the modern world. Will of Heroes chronicles how 12 popular leaders overcame doubts, fears, and hardships to achieve extraordinary success in … Continue reading “Book Review: The Will of Heroes”

When Facebook Just isn’t Enough

No businesses in the modern world can hope to remain relevant without a strong digital presence. Particularly when it comes to social media, Facebook, is the platform of choice for many brands, businesses and organizations. This is in part due to the global popularity and extensive member base of Facebook, but also a result of … Continue reading “When Facebook Just isn’t Enough”

E-commerce Solutions

If you are looking for an ecommerce solution that would help you increase your sales and profitability then you’re in the right place. Commtel Digital can boost your brand’s sales through its range of tailored ecommerce solutions. It provides you an ecommerce platform for your brand that focuses on turning your potential website visitors into … Continue reading “E-commerce Solutions”

Multi Store Solutions

Does your brand run an online store? Think of profits that your brand can make if you could generate another one like it or create a network of online stores. Do you wish to take advantage of such ecommerce strategy that allows you to manage multiple online stores? If your company operates with different brands … Continue reading “Multi Store Solutions”

Why Build a Dynamic Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Conventional marketing is progressively getting wiped off by digital marketing services. The modern breed of online marketers continues to search for ground-breaking ways to exploit the internet. Today, it is unwise to ignore digital marketing platforms. If you are looking for a global presence for your venture. Commtel Digital is a Social Media Marketing Agency … Continue reading “Why Build a Dynamic Social Media Marketing Strategy?”

Commtel Digital’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the goals of Digital marketing agency is to build sustainable and long term relationships between their clients and their target audience. Our social media marketing follows a set of processes to achieve the goals of our clients. In this article we would focus on some our social media marketing strategies to enhance your … Continue reading “Commtel Digital’s Social Media Marketing Strategy”

Give a Direction to your Brand’s Social Media!

Un-familiar with the term Social Media Marketing? In this article we would highlight the importance of Social Media Marketing in this newly emerging Digital Era and how at Commtel Digital we are committed to not only be the best Digital Marketing consultants but also to help our clients and their brands along the way. When … Continue reading “Give a Direction to your Brand’s Social Media!”

E-commerce Shipping Solutions

Your Brand has built an E-commerce website that attracts thousands of new customers. Now imagine a new customer comes to your brand webpage finds a compelling product offering or a product that suits their need at the price they want and adds it to his shopping cart. The customer finally completes the checkout process and … Continue reading “E-commerce Shipping Solutions”