Importance of logo Design

A logo is one of the things that a customer sees first when seeing or studying a brand. Therefore, it is vital to get the customer’s attention by designing an eye-catching and appealing brand logo. For that reason, it is important to know how to design a brand logo which resonates with its viewers.

The first thing to consider is, understanding the reason why you need a logo. A logo for your brand will have a direct impact on how a customer perceives your brand. It will let them know, right away, if the brand is right for them or not. A brand logo will also help define the brand’s personality along with the type of audience that the brand is trying to target. So a set guide and research done to see who the brand logo is trying to attract is vital when designing a logo.



Paying attention to colour helps to catch the customer’s attention. In that, it is important to research and see what colours your competitors are using. Using a unique colour can help relate the brand with that specific colour in the eyes of the consumer. Such is the case with Mcdonald’s and the colour yellow. It is also important to consider the psychological meanings behind each colour and the emotions attached with the like.


Find Inspiration

A crucial element of designing a logo is to find inspiration. Multinationals and leading firms all around the world have remarkable brand logos that resonate with all of its viewers. The likes of Starbucks, Google, Apple, BMW, and Olympics have had a successful brand logo strategy. Following the footsteps of such brands and getting inspiration from them has a far-reaching benefit for your firm. Hiring a good and competent branding agency can help in the research of famous brand logos.



Having a unique font and typography along with the design of the logo also helps to own it in the minds of the consumers. This also helps in looking professional and depicts the brand’s personality. Coca Cola is a prime example of having a unique font and typography, which is not easy to copy and is part of the brand’s personality.


After a logo is properly designed, it is paramount to evaluate its final design through a detailed criticism and by getting feedback from others in the organization and from a set of consumers as well. This way a company can get reviews on what they have designed and can make sure that their logo is portraying exactly what the company was hoping to achieve. The combination of the design of the logo, colors and the typography will need to be reviewed to see whether the three go hand in hand or not.