Marketing Myths

Digital Marketing is the one tool that companies are widely using today. But with different means comes different myths. You might have heard these myths when you encounter digital marketing. But we’re here to debunk those myths.


Digital Marketing Is Only for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing is not only for large corporations with a large operational and marketing budget, it is very handful for small businesses. 66% of all small business owners complain that their top concern is finding new customers. In comes digital marketing to save the day.

Small firms can have a constant contact with their customers through the various digital marketing tools, which are a direct replacement to call centers. Small businesses can even replace having physical shops by selling online through digital marketing. Not only that, they can also get insights and data on their target market without having to hire research firms.


Digital Marketing Can Also Be Successful If You Have A Lot of Traffic

Well yes, having a big traffic on your pages and websites is definitely helpful but that is not the defining factor. The key factor here is to have the right traffic and the kind of traffic that does actions that your strategy is intending to get. Be that buying a product, downloading an app, filling a form or just even getting a click on a link. Only these visitors can become profitable and beneficial for your company. A large amount of traffic of people who don’t follow up on the strategy is equal to having no amount of traffic on your pages.


We Shouldn’t Apply Digital Marketing Strategies If Our Competitors Aren’t Applying Them

If companies or owners don’t apply digital marketing strategies to their businesses, thinking that their traditional ways are more effective and easier. They will be left out in the playing field. Digital Marketing is where any company can get a competitive edge. With the bulk of online traffic going on social media and the various different websites, having a digital marketing strategy will always help you get ahead and get more people to you.


Bad Comments Online Harm Your Business

One of the biggest myths that is involved with digital marketing is this one. Businesses fear that shaming, bad comments or controversy will hurt their businesses. While this may be an alarming issue, this is the best way to get real time honest reviews about your brand and to address this feedback from the customers appropriately.

The worst thing a company can do is block off a user who has put up a bad comment or to shut off the company page indefinitely. Instead, companies should address the issue by asking the problem, listening to the customer/reviewer, explaining your side in as much detail as possible and then, if possible, fix the problem.


SEO Is A One-Time Project

SEO is a project that requires a constant check. It is not a “set once and then forget” project. With trends and time, search engine results also change. So, companies need to keep a check on their SEO strategy, at least once every six months, so that they can keep coming up in the search results page. This myth is largely believed in and is affecting the marketing strategies of many companies.