Cluttered Information

A lot of people and companies are making a lot of content. A cluster of information is thrown at the customers and it’s very easy for your information to get lost in all the clutter and to not reach your targeted market or users. Therefore, it is important to have content that stands out. Here are some unconventional, or rather diverse, ways of producing content that can help you ‘go viral’.


Not having good knowledge of your goals

There is just something about some tasteful humor that gets the attention of the masses and is mostly liked by them too. It increases the likability of the brand and also helps in increasing sales, or getting a positive word of mouth. It makes you stand out from your competitors. You need to make weird, creative, and sometimes outright bizarre and funny content to get duly noticed by your targeted market and be unique.


Respond As Much As You Possibly Can

The importance of responding to customers on social media cannot be emphasized on enough! Whether its Twitter mentions, YouTube comments, Facebook reviews or Instagram story replies. This helps in humanizing your brand and making the people realize that the brand actually cares about the emotions and concerns of the customers. This shows dedication and gets you the competitive edge from other million brands in the industry who don’t respond to their consumers.


Jump on Trends

Whether it’s a new Game of Thrones episode or the Cricket World Cup, people respond to campaigns that are based on the current trends. It gives companies a marketing advantage and gets a lot of attention from the social media users. And nowadays it is very easy to know what topic is trending. You can check the trends on Twitter, and also from Google. Google Trends helps in viewing the topics that the people are searching for the most and getting the most traffic online.

Use Repetitive Coverage

Yes, it is important not to over-throw information at the customers, so much that the customer starts to ignore it, to what we marketers call ‘Advertising Wear out’. But if you carefully strategize and use repetitive coverage, then, your advertisement campaign will always be in the minds of your consumers. Whether it’s a catchy jingle, meme, animations or an interactive campaign, tons of people will see your content at least ONCE. Like news channels who constantly provide you with the same news again. And then again.