Video Animation

The World of marketing is getting more and more competitive and innovative. Traditional marketing techniques and tools do not gather as much traffic as they used to. Tools like vlogs, memes, and video animations are taking over the internet. These not only help increase the reach of your social media campaign but also helps better explain your business idea and the campaign itself.

To get just the perfect results from your video animation-based marketing campaign, you need to know certain tips and need to know what things to avoid. So, here’s our list of do’s and don’ts of video animations.



Tell a story to the audience: An amazing way to get people’s attention and to get them to engage with posts is to tell them a story. Because, well, who here doesn’t love to hear a story? By giving your video animation an interesting start, adding a few characters and telling a tale, you can intrigue the audience and fulfill the goals of your marketing campaign.

Use the colors and designs of your brand: Your video animation will be representing your brand, so it’s vital to add the color themes of your brand. The ultimate achievement for an animation’s designer will be if the audience can relate the animation to the company, automatically, even before the company logo comes up. This can be done through colors and designs

Do take constructive criticism: For an animator, almost every piece of work that he/she produces will be of the master class. But to the audience, it might not be very appealing. Therefore, it is always important to have a lay man’s opinion on the work so that the intended purpose of the campaign is truly captured. And remember to not get offended by the criticism, because feedback comes in all kinds.



Do not keep the duration too long: A two-minute video would be viewed by less than 50% of the average audiences, but a thirty second video grabs a lot of attention. And in the end that is exactly what you are trying to achieve through any marketing campaign. So do not keep the length of your campaign more than the requirement because you only have a limited time to get noticed, explain and engage with the audience.

Don’t show the features of your product first: Even if you are making a tutorial video, immediately showing all the features of your brand is not a good idea. Most users will find it boring right away and might even stop playing the video. It will also come off as a ‘show off’ and might not get the intended response. So, try grabbing the attention of the audience first and keeping them intrigued as to what lies ahead.

Avoid over animation: Famous Disney animator, Aaron Blaise, has emphasized on the fact that over animation of any scene or campaign can disrupt the intended purposes. Instead of moving every aspect of the video animation, try to keep it simple and convey the message in an easy way.